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Malaysian University Placement

Malaysian University is a good place for International students who wish to explore study abroad.

Malaysian University is a popular education hub for international students seeking globally recognized academic qualification at very affordable prices.

Malaysia is currently well known in the Asia region in terms of offering both Western and Local Degrees, Masters and PhD program at one-third of the fees as compare to completing the same degree in the Western countries. That is why study in Malaysia is a vast topics which most international students is seeking to Study in Malaysia.

When searching for a college or university in Malaysia, international students depends heavily on only one source – the internet. They do have “on the ground” information that is important in selecting the right course and college.  Thus, they often end up making less than ideal choices. We have to acknowledge that even though Malaysian University provides a good platform for students, the art of choosing the right programme and institutions is not an easy task.

In this regard, we assist international students complement their data gathered through websites with extra information via live chats, email and phone consultation. Our objective is to help every students find the most suitable course that meet their criteria and preferences in Malaysian University.

We understand that most international and even local Malaysian students will use the internet to SEARCH, FIND and COMPARE the Best Universities and Colleges in terms of:

1.  Fees – Reasonable and Affordability.  Malaysian University tuition fees is definitely more affordable than the comparable same degree, masters programmes in the Western Countries.

2.  Various Degrees, Masters or Phd Recognition Globally and locally in Malaysia.  Students can choose from the thousands of programmes on offered starting from Business, IT, Engineering to Medical Programmes in  Malaysian Universities.

3.  Ample accommodations are available and the Facilities in the Colleges and Universities.  Some Malaysian University have facilities and infrastructure which is on par with World Class University.

4.  Scholarships might available for both International and Local Malaysian Students.  However for Local Malaysian students, there are ample study loans, PTPTN and scholarships available for them.

For international students, you can reach us by filling up the Contact Us Form  and we will provide most of the relevant information to you for FREE on Study in Malaysia.

In other words, we will provide FREE Counseling to the Malaysian University at completely no cost to you at all !

Some of these Universities and Colleges also provides short courses or vocational skill courses for those who are interested in such courses as well.

These are the short courses in Malaysia.

Therefore Malaysian University is definitely the place for you to consider to further your studies.

Alternatively, you may also contact our office directly or visit our web pages.

Thank You.
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