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Beauty Programme (Diploma)

Professional Beauty Programme (Diploma) via Study in Malaysia

This is a full course beauty programme via Diploma in Beauty Therapy which is designed for those seeking to pursue a career in the general health, nutrition and beauty therapy that combines the teachings of wellness subjects and aesthetics therapies for face and body.

Graduates who successfully complete this Diploma in Beauty Therapy programme will be able to enter the workforce with comprehensive skills and knowledge of holistic rejuvenation as well as supervision and solon management.

This beauty programme is strongly recommended for beginners who want to pursue a career in the wellness and beauty industry.

Additional Topics

Aromatherapy, Human Body systems, Defense Network, Immunology, Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress, Metabolic Syndrome, Nutrition, Detoxification, Stress, Vital Signs and Metaphysics.

Primary Subjects Covered:

Level 1

Facial Therapy – preparation work, cleansing, exfoliation, skin analysis, extraction, massage, mask, toning and moisturizing.

Face Contour Analysis – To learn how to analyze different face shapes and the contours for professional make-up application purpose.

Fire Situation Handling – How to handle fire extinguisher safety and effectively in times of emergency.

First Aid Handling – apply first aid procedure using first aid kit so that worsening of injuries can be prevented.

Sterilization and Sanitation – Hygiene and cleanliness are important aspects of carrying out any services in a salon or spa thus learning how to put micobes away so that there won’t be any infections.

Housekeeping – Maintenance of work to be free from odour, pests, fungus, dirts, and dust, organisation of tools and materials with proper methods and system.

Client Handling – Using guidelines that minimize complaint, clientele increased needs attended to according to clients requirement.

Day and Evening Make Up – Skills and Techniques for doing an appropriate day and night make up.

Hand, Foot and Nail Analysis – Learn the knowledge of identifying disorder and disease conditions so that infections that are health hazards can be prevented.

Eye Brow Shaping – Skills and Techniques to draw and shape the eyebrows using proper tools and materials.

Manicure and Pedicure – Preparation, tools and materials, lighting effects, cut and shape nails, cuticles trimmed and softened.

Superfluos Hair Analysis – Consultation to determine contra indications, allergies, applications and removal techniques without causing skin trauma.

Cold and Warm Wax – Learn How to analyze when to select the cold and warm wax to remove the unwanted hair of clients as per their requirements.

Level 2

Main Client Profile – Record and Updating of clients data.

Make Up Consultation – Analysis and advice for make up.

Conduct Patch Test – Knowledge and procedures of conducting an effective patch test to check on skin allergy.

Comedone Extraction – Knowledge and skill of comedone extraction methods with hygiene and safety precautions without causing skin trauma.

False Lash / Individual Lash Application – Learn the skills of applying piece false eyelashes and single eye lash amongst our original eyelashes professionally.

Eyelash / Eyebrow Perming / Tinting – Knowledge of Tools and materials, application to curl the eyelash and color the eyebrows and eyelash.

Students who complete this Diploma will be placed to work in the Beauty Industry  by the Training provider.  However the student must complete the Diploma successfully and passed the scheduled interview.


1.  Registration Fees – RM 500

2.  Tuition Fees – Loan by PTPK (subject to student meeting the PTPK requirements).

Beauty Programme

Beauty Programme

This is an unique beauty programme whereby students will also be placed to work as an internship during their studies period.  During this internship, students can expect to get paid an monthly allowance of approximately RM 800.

Therefore students will be exposed to the actual working industry the minute they started their studies with Beaubelle Academy and thereby assuring that they have enough working experience once they graduated from the Academy and go into the work place proper.

 This beauty programme is being offered to International students who are interested to study in Malaysia .