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Malaysian University

We present Malaysian University with full fledged campuses and affordable tuition fees.

For more information please click Malaysian University for students interested to study in Malaysia.

Malaysia has more than 500 Universities and Colleges currently offering a host of programmes ranging from Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and PhD.

At this juncture, Malaysia has more than 1,000 different programmes, majors, range,  etc for all the international students to choose from.

Malaysian University

Malaysian University

Some of these programmes comes from different academic majors from the following:

1.  Business and Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Mass Communication, Hotel Management.

2.  Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering.

3.  Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computing, Internet Networking, Computer Engineering.

4.  Medical, Dentistry, Allied Health, Bio Technology, Bio Sciences, Nursing.

Additionally, Malaysia also provide international students who are interested in Malaysian University to undertake the following skill based or vocational training programmes.  Some of the more popular training programmes are as follows:

1.  Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Services, Hospitality Management

2.  Automotive Engineering

3.  Art and Design courses, Fashion design.

4.  Welding programme, wiring programmes, air-conditioning programme.

Most of these programmes comes with or carries foreign Certificate or Diploma awards.  Therefore students will be able to get the benefit of both the local Malaysian University awards as well as international recognized awards.

This is why Malaysian University is a preferred destination for international students who are interested to study in Malaysia.

However all international students are required to follow certain Malaysian regulations especially on areas pertaining to Visa applications, Health and Medical Screening Report as well as the possibility of working part time during their semester break.

Any students who violated the above conditions and regulations might be sent home by the institutions concerned as well as their records might be filed with the Malaysian Immigration Department for further references.

Therefore all international students who are interested to study in Malaysia and who wants to enroll into Malaysian University are encourage to read and understand the respective University handbook carefully.