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Malaysian Universities – Medical and Health Sciences

Malaysian Universities – Medical and Health Sciences is a growing and rapidly popular among international students who are interested to study in Malaysia .

medical and health sciences

medical and health sciences


The faculty of medical and health sciences research objective is to discover new scientific knowledge to aid in general wellness and to the prevention and treatment of human disease as well as researching on the topic of food and how it affects health. Medical and Health sciences is a very large subject and it can be further divided into sub-categories such as health & rehabilitation sciences, alternative medicine, kinesiology, biomedical engineering, nursing, occupational therapy, public health, physical therapy, sports and recreation services, psychology and nutrition.

Some examples of research topics may include:

• Rehabilitation
• Disability
• Healthy ageing
• Preventative health care
• Exercise
• Population health
• Managing health information

Health Sciences

Health Sciences

A Malaysian Universities Medical and health sciences faculty may have the following department:

• School of Dentistry

• School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health

• School of Medical Sciences

• School of Population Health and Clinical Practice

• School of Psychology

• School of Pediatrics and Reproductive Health                                                                

• School of Nursing

• School of Pharmacy                                                                                                              

• School of Medicine

Below you will find some links to faculties of medical and health sciences in Malaysia University:

Therefore Medical and Health Sciences courses continued to be popular among local Malaysian students as well as international students due to the high standard of teaching coupled with its extensive facilities available to the students.

Although the tuition fees is higher as compare to other programmes like Business or Information Technology, the rewards and achievement which comes from these Medical programme are well understood by the parents and students alike.