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Why Study in Australia ?

There are several reason why study in Australia

  • Undisputed, Australia is One of the World’s Main Study Destination. ( 21% of International Student chooses to studies in Australia )
  • Among the Few Main Study Destination, Australia has the Safest and Most Conducive Study Environment.
  • –Never had threats of war or natural disaster, civilians are not able to carry firearms and plus the mild mannered culture and politeness of the Australian make is an ideal study destination.
  • More than 150 Years of Proven Education Excellence. Australia has more than 15 Nobel prizes winners
  • One of the Largest & Most Stable Economy in the World. Vast Job Opportunity upon Graduation (plus Australia relies on immigrants to sustain its continuous growth)
  • More than 50% of the Universities are Ranked Top 200 in the World (The Times World University Ranking ).
  • Fees and Living Expenses are Comparatively Lower than other Study Destination
  • Most University are in the Vicinity of Big Bustling Cities. Allowing Students to Have Excess to all the City Facilities, Job Opportunities and Living Environment.
  • High Visa success rate, no need for interview and only need show financially able to support study
  • Student Visa allows student to work up to 20 hours per week during semester. Unlimited hours during semester break
  • Student Visa can also accommodate dependant visas ( i.e spouse or family members
  • Great Immigration Opportunities
  • Real International Studying Experience – International students from more than 120 countries


These are already ample reasons why there are so many international students who are studying in Australia now.

Coupled with a wide variety of courses and programmes to choose from as well as the favourable exchange rate of Australian dollars, now is the best time to really consider to study in Australia.