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Provides a pleasant search and compare education placement experience in the various University Malaysia.

Currently, we are closely connected with more than 40 major Colleges and Universities in Malaysia and internationally in Australia, U.K, U.S.A and even in Russia.

There are ample choices for all international students who wish to search and compare and explore study in Malaysia and the the various University Malaysia and also explore other Universities in Australia, U.K, U.S.A or even in Russia.

All in all, Edu Guide is able to placed students in the thousands of programmes ranging from Bachelor, Masters and even Phd in Malaysia and beyond.

Some of the University Malaysia and Colleges as well as Malaysian Universities and Colleges which we are currently representing are:

INTI University

Nilai University

International University of Malaya – Wales

Asia Pacific University

SEGI University

Mahsa University

Binary University

University Kuala Lumpur

University Technology Petronas

UCSI University

KLMU University College

Linton University College

Lincoln University College

Stamford College

Greencity International College

Mantissa College

Raffles College

Olympia College

FTMS College

And many more coming and on the way.

We can provide you updated information on the courses offered and the fees.  Therefore we urge our students to search university malaysia and compare , browse through the website carefully and then email us with their study interest and their academic documents in order for us to provide an accurate assessment.

Simply browse , search and compare through our website for university malaysia and all the relevant information which you require and we are sure that you will find information which are of interest to you.

International Students

For international students, please contact your local or country representatives (the person who pass you the link to our website).  For your kind information, please do pay all your required fees to the respective University Malaysia in order for us to be able to track your payments.

Alternatively you may also contact us and our Education Counselors will respond to you as soon as possible on your search and compare.

University Malaysia

University Malaysia

Malaysian Students

Please fill-up the Contact Form or call directly at our office at 03-5611 3114 for further information University Malaysia.

Our Friendly Education Counselors shall assist you in your Search and Compare these university Malaysia and Evaluate the suitable Malaysian Universities or Colleges for study in Malaysia .