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The quality of Australian Education is monitored by the “Australian Qualifications Framework”. It is a strict government body which specifies the standards for educational qualifications of Australia.

By studying an AQF registered qualification, you can be sure that your institution is Government-authorised and
nationally accredited, and that your degree or other AQF qualification will be genuine.

Qualifications under the AQF are linked across the country and across the world, which makes it easy to move throughout the education system between courses or institutions and formal agreement and recognition frameworks mean every step of the path will contribute to your future no matter what your study or career goals.

Now, Edu Guide Malaysia is teaming up with Study Net Australia in order to provide our students with more alternative in their studies especially in the land of down under, Australia.

Australia, a land of Multiculturalism: diverse food, festivals and faith

Since 1945 more than six million people from across the world have come to Australia to live.  Today, more than 20 per cent of Australians are foreign born and more than 40 per cent are of mixed cultural origin.  In Australia homes they speak 226 languages – after English, the most popular are Italian, Greek, Cantonese and Arabic. The rich cultural diversity is reflected in our food, which embraces most of the world’s cuisines and artfully fuses quite a few of them.

You’ll find European flavours, the tantalising spices of Asia, Africa and the Middle East and bush tucker from our backyard on offer everywhere from street stalls to five star restaurants. Tuck into Thai takeaway, dine out on perfect Italian pasta, do tapas in our city’s Spanish strips and feast on dumplings in Chinatown. You can also embrace our melting pot of cultures in the many colourful festivals. See samba and capoeira at Bondi’s Brazilian South American festival, dance behind the dragon parade during Chinese New Year or stroll through streets transformed into a lively piazza during the annual Italian celebrations.

As a nation, Australia embrace a rainbow of religious belief and you’ll find Catholic and Anglican churches, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist temples, mosques and synagogues lining their streets.

For more information about Education in Australia, you may visit Study Net or have a look at the complete information below.

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