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Don’t get us wrong, studying abroad will probably be the best experience of your life. However, there are some study abroad challenges you’re likely to face and we want you to be prepared. 


Studying abroad not only gives you a newfound sense of independence, but also prepares you for adulthood. However, like all worthwhile adventures, it will be a bit scary and maybe even overwhelming at times. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one to feel this way. 

If you feel that you encounter the same problems as the ones suggested below , Eduguide Malaysia is here to help

1. Accommodation problems
2.Financial /Monetary Issues
3.Overcoming the Language Barrier
4.Coping with Cultural Differences
5. Living and Independant Life

The growing reputation afforded to private universities in Malaysia has attracted thousands of international students over the past decade. Some of these private schools offer programs that allow students to earn part of a degree at that university and part of a degree at another institution. Called "twinning", this method facilitates the transference of transcripts and credits and also makes admission to programs offering associate degrees automatic if the program is provided by a local institution. Better known universities in Malaysia include Monash University Malaysia Campus, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus and Malaysia's oldest university, the University of Malaya located in the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Students can receive Bachelor's and Master's degree at Malaysian universities in the amount of time similar to European and American degree programs. Most private and all public universities offer Master of Science degrees by completing required research and coursework. Doctorate degrees are earned when students can exhibit research results in the form of a published paper. Malaysia also has polytechnic colleges that resemble traditional vocational schools by offering associate's degrees, advanced diploma degrees or certificates of special skills.

Acceptance to a Malaysian university is not difficult but requires students submit proof of grades earned from previous schools attended. Malaysia is becoming well-known for its exceptional higher education programs concerning technology, business and science and welcomes bright international students to study at any one of its universities

If the idea of studying in Malaysia has now sunk in to you , then studying in HOSPITALITY COURSES

 is a right choice for many a reasons, regardlesss if its a certificate, diploma or degree


light lecture days

Student only have two days lecture every week, giving students more time for Tutorials and activities , and training .


in semester internship

Because students have light lecture days, student will have the opportunities to do thier internship in the semester , both for training and also income, as these internships are paid internships 


hostel provided

Paid internship, plus hostel provided by internship partners

( terms & condition applies) , makes this a very affordable way to further your studies, and ensure that your cost of living is always kept at a very affordable level

And if thats not enough of a REASON...

code is #DHTM19

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