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Visa Application - An Integral Part of All International Students Who Wish to Study in Malaysia.

The Malaysian government is committed to making the country a hub for world-class education and welcomes foreign students who want to pursue courses of study here. The government has made it convenient for foreigners with the genuine intention of studying in Malaysia to obtain a student pass  and visa, a requirement by the country’s Immigration Department.


Foreign students who wish to apply to a private institution of higher education must apply to study in Malaysia through Education Malaysia Global Services. This One Stop Application process allows the student to search and apply for multiple courses at multiple institutions all at the same time. Foreign Students must only study at  courses and institutions that are accredited and licensed – Education Malaysia only lists courses that meet these requirements – this takes some of the burden from the student.

For more information about the Visa Application Process, please visit Education Malaysia

However, our Education Counselors will also be assisting all our students to check on their documents and the completeness of their documents before the receiving Universities and Colleges sent it to the Malaysian Immigration Department authorities for processing.


  • All students are required to follow the exact procedures and process in order for them to get their Students Visa to study in Malaysia.

  • All students are also required to transfer / bank in the Visa application fees DIRECTLY to the University and Colleges concerned, NOT TO ANY THIRD PARTY.

  • The University and Colleges concerned will then be issue the students with a receipt of the payments made to them in order to prevent any disputes later.  

  • Students are also reminded that Application Visa are NOT refundable once it has been paid to the Universities and Colleges.

  • All the documentations, i.e offer letter, academic transcripts and certificates will be handed by Edu Guide Malaysia and these documents must be passed to the Edu Guide Malaysian office for further action.


Edu Guide Malaysia WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE if the students made the payment to a THIRD PARTY.

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