Some of the services that EduGuide Malaysia provides for students who are looking to further their studies. It doesn't matter if you have decided where you want to head out , but does not know which is the best option  , or simply does not have an idea at all and is wishing to get a counselling session. 



Eduguide is also commited to helping students to study in regions other than Malaysia ( Russia ,Australia , China, Poland , Bulgaria)

Check with our Education Counselor to find out how to progress yourself to your intended path.



Showing the list of College and Universities that Eduguide is currently in partnership with.

Check it out by clicking on the info below to find out more about our partners


Established since 2010 , Eduguide Malaysia is a company registered under the Company Act 1965 , and has since been a company committed to provide students the best assistance they can get , from getting enrollment to local colleges and universities, to getting the best offer for students who want to study abroad internationally.
Aiming to be the top student placement and recruitment company in Malaysia, Eduguide Malaysia constantly renews and explore new partnerships with players of the education industry, to get the best offer they can get for their students.

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